Discussing Taxation Without Respresentation with My 8 Year Old Daughter.

Another life lesson learned on the drive to school.

Every morning I drive my eight year old daughter to school, and every day we have another random conversation covering whatever topic seems to be floating around in her head.

The other day, it was taxes.

Reese: “How much does my school cost?”
Me: “It’s free” (she goes to public school)
Reese: “It’s FREE! No one pays for it?!?”
Me: “No, we all pay for it when we pay our taxes.”
*(Realizing she just finished studying the Revolutionary War in school)
Me: “No no no, I’m not talking about that kind of taxes. Those taxes were bad because the King was taking whatever He wanted and calling it taxes. The taxes we pay are good (ok, so I lied a little). They pay for things like Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Parks and a bunch of other things that we need.”
Reese: “So then you get to decide what taxes to pay?”
Me: “Well, not really, but we do elect the leaders who decide, so if we don’t agree with what they are doing we don’t have to vote for them again.”
*(Reese gets out of the car and looks at me very seriously from the sidewalk)
Reese: “Ok, but if they start taking too much, I’m gonna throw an English Tea Party.”
Me: “Ok babe, I’ll keep you posted. Have a good day at School.”