Do What’s Important.

Things I do every day: (In no particular order)

Hug & kiss my kids.
Make my kids breakfast.
Tell my wife I love her.
Clear my inbox.
Read my Bible.
Eat lunch.
Listen to my kids.
Listen to my wife.
Pray for my kids.
Pray for my wife.

How do I know I do them everyday? (Other than the fact that I do) Because I schedule them. That’s right, everything on this list is on my schedule. (No, I don’t really have “hug and kiss the kids” or “Kiss my wife” written on my calendar, but I do have blocks of time I have set aside everyday for nothing but giving my kids and my wife 100% of my attention.)

Why do I schedule them? Because they’re important to me. Because life is busy and there’s only so much time in a day. Because I have discovered that the things that are the least important tend to be the loudest and take the most time. Because if I don’t take control of my schedule, someone else will. Because I’d rather spend the limited time I have making sure I do the things that are important to me, rather then taking time away from them doing things that aren’t.

Ps. There will always be “busy work” that has to get done. The trick is not letting it take over your day or set your schedule. I set aside time everyday just for getting the “busy work” done. When that time runs out, I move on wether the work is done or not. (I’ve had to learn to be ok with a todo list that is never done.)

Are you spending time on the things that are important to you or are you taking time away from them?

I’m the father to three, husband to one, Pastor at Gateway Church, and Director of The World Prayer Team.
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