Two-Hundred Brownies

I recently had the privilege of arranging a free lunch for the faculty of one our local Middle Schools. During the lunch I met Lanette, a teacher who was 8 days away from completing her first year of teaching.

Teaching is not a first career for Lanette. It’s her third. She explained to me that when she had the idea of leaving the banking industry and going back to school to become a teacher, she thought it was a mid-life crisis. She was in her mid forties, had an established reputation in a great field, but she wasn’t happy. She was tired of working for herself. She wanted to spend the rest of her life building up others.

She told me that on her first day of school she looked at her students and told them, “This year, you will love me and sometimes you will hate me… but I will only love you.”

When I asked her if she still felt the same way about her students, now that the school year was coming to a close, she answered, “You know what I did on Memorial Day? I made 200 brownies from scratch, and wrapped them up to give to each of my students. I wouldn’t have done that if I didn’t still love them.”

Lanette was excited that the school year was coming to an end, but she was even more excited about the news that her teaching contract had been renewed for another year, and she would be back with the students she loves.

We need more teachers like Lanette.
We need more people like Lanette.

By the way… Her brownies were amazing.