My Daughter’s a Superhero

Last week while at a local playground with my family, something happened that will forever change the way I see my daughter.

I watched my eight-year-old daughter position herself between four older boys and a little girl, no more than four or five years old, who they were picking on.

She stood her ground, telling them to leave the little girl alone and asking them why they had to be so mean. When the boys tried to reach around her to knock the flowers the little girl was holding out of her hands, Reese simply pushed their hands away.

As I moved closer to make sure my daughter was alright, I saw a look in her eyes that I have never seen there before. It wasn’t fear or anger, it was courage and compassion. I could see in her eyes that she felt as bad for these boys as she did for this little girl she was protecting. She truly didn’t understand why they had to be so mean.

I don’t know if the boys realized that Reese wasn’t going to give up or that I was standing behind them, but after a couple of minutes, the stand-off ended. The boys moved to the other side of the playground and played by themselves, the little girl went back to picking flowers and I stood there in absolute awe of my daughter.

As we walked away from the playground, I told Reese how brave I thought she was and how proud I was of her. She looked up at me and said, “I just don’t like bullies.”

She’s my hero.