My First Three Hires If I Were Planting a Church Tomorrow.

If I were planting a church tomorrow, these would be my first three hires listed by priority.

1) Children’s Pastor
I think this is the most important ministry of the church and if not done well will kill even the most organized church, well-funded church. (Keep the kids safe. Keep the kids having fun while learning about God. You reach the kids, you can reach the family.)

2) Communications Pastor
Yes, this would be my second hire. (If I had the money I would #1 and #2 at the same time.) We live in a world where right communication matters. Fortune 500 companies have been taken down by accidental Tweets, politicians have lost campaigns by one misworded email response, and 14-year-olds have started multi-million dollar global campaigns because they know how Snapchat actually works.

We (the church) have the most life changing message, but so often we don’t take the time to learn the best medium of communication, or what really needs to be said. (And no, you don’t HAVE to be on Tv.)

I think most of the time we let the cost (which is pretty minimal now) dictate priorities in this area and it kills us.

3) Executive Pastor
Most Senior leaders of any organization are usually great visionaries but are light on details. Having someone who lives for the details, someone who loves mapping the dots between A and B is essential.

BONUS HIRE: A good accountant.
It would be a good idea to have someone who understands budgets and say… tax law. You know, just to keep bills paid and pastors out of jail.